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Cowgirl Magazine

Big Sky Music Group recording artist and Montana cowgirl, Stephanie Quayle will serve as Host and Master of Ceremonies at the fifth anniversary Wrangler COWGIRL 30 Under 30 Empowered Gala that takes place in the historic Fort Worth Stockyards on March 8, 2024.

The Friday night Gala to honor the 2024 Class of COWGIRL 30 Under 30 will take place amidst the rustic-eclectic pomp of celebrity Chef Tim Love’s Tannahill’s Music Hall, a premier entertainment venue, known for its lavish event capabilities and world-class concert presentations, centered amid the immaculately restored Mule Alley entertainment district in the historic Fort Worth Stockyards.

The 30 honorees will be feted and recognized during a ceremony and celebration on March 8, 2024, at Tannahill’s Music Hall in Fort Worth, Texas. Guests of the gala will include previous class alumnae and representatives of the brands that support the event including Wrangler, Durango Boots, Cavender’sCharlie 1 Horse Hats, Montana SilversmithsCorral BootsDouble D Ranch, and Old Gringo Boots. The event will also serve as a reunion of prior recipients as well as the inaugural bestowal of its COWGIRL 30 Under 30 Lifetime Achievement Award, honoring retiring Montana Silversmith marketing executive, Judy Wagner, and presented by Wrangler Sr. Brand Marketing Manager, Robin Rich.

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Country Artist Stephanie Quayle shares powerful story of toxic relationship in new book, WHY DO WE STAY? 

Acclaimed singer/songwriter teams up with psychologist W. Keith Campbell  to write intimate and practical guide to relationship recovery 

January 8, 2024 (Nashville) — Harper Celebrate, a gift book imprint of HarperCollins Focus,  has announced a forthcoming book with country artist Stephanie Quayle, on sale April 30, 2024.  WHY DO WE STAY? HOW MY TOXIC RELATIONSHIP CAN HELP YOU FIND  FREEDOM combines gripping storytelling and clinical research from psychologist Dr. W.  Keith Campbell to offer a compassionate and practical resource to relationship recovery. 

New York Times bestselling author Katherine Schwarzenegger Pratt says, “Many of us know  someone or have found ourselves in a relationship that we know isn’t right. [Stephanie] wrote  this book to help others who might find themselves in a toxic relationship, and I know with  Stephanie’s honesty and vulnerability, this book will do just that.” 

When Stephanie lost her boyfriend in a plane crash, she faced intense grief and pain. Nothing  compared, though, to the shock of discovering she had not been the only woman in his life. As  her world unraveled around her, Stephanie realized that it had actually been unraveling from the  start of their relationship—back when he promised her everything. In WHY DO WE STAY,  Stephanie shares her own story to explain how to spot a toxic relationship, how to get out, and  how to heal. With additional evidence-based advice from mental health expert Dr. Campbell,  readers will find tips on identifying warning signs, narcissism, compulsive lying, and  gaslighting; making changes; and finding healing and freedom.  

“I know what it’s like to be in the trenches,” says Stephanie. “I’m familiar with what it feels like  to be shamed, blamed, minimized, disrespected, love bombed, and gaslighted, because I was in a  toxic relationship for years. I’m excited to welcome readers into my story because I want them  to find the healing I fought fourteen years to find.”  

“Quayle writes movingly and transparently about the deep psychological scars experienced in a  relationship and the many years it took to heal the subsequent wounds,” says Joshua Miller, PhD,  psychologist and professor, University of Georgia. “Dr. Campbell, one of the world’s foremost  experts in the study of narcissism, defines psychological terms and discusses strategies for  coping with wounds left from these relationships.”  

WHY DO WE STAY? HOW MY TOXIC RELATIONSHIP CAN HELP YOU FIND  FREEDOM is available for preorder now. Learn more at Celebrate/Why-Do-We-Stay/

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Stephanie Quayle has been invited to be a member of the Class of 2024 of the Women's Music Business Association Nashville. Women's Music Business Association (WMBA) is an exclusive professional organization dedicated to fostering opportunities for women within the music business through education, networking, industry involvement, community service, and organizational fellowship. Every month, the WMBA hosts membership meetings featuring guest speakers and panelists from all areas of the music business as well as networking events, philanthropic opportunities, and social outings for current and prospective members alike.

PODCAST BLOG: Episode 8 - Only Good Will Come of This
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Have you ever been so worn down by your circumstances that it seemed impossible to believe there could be anything good on the other side? 

But even when the pain makes us believe it has a hold on us, it only takes a spark to light up the dark. 

Just twenty four hours after my late boyfriend's unexpected passing, as I sat with my Mom on my bed, I remember her repeating to me,

 “I promise you, only good will come of this.” 

In my lowest moment that was the last thing I wanted to hear, but her promise is what gave me the purpose to get through and is ultimately what inspired Track 8, Only Good Will Come of This.

In this episode you will hear:

  • The power of my parents united support
  • Why we have to take the steps to keep going
  • The divine in the writing room
  • How openness to our journey impacts not only ourselves but others

Listen to the full album On The Edge and track 8 Only Good Will Come of This here:

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Have you ever been brought to the edge of yourself? 

No matter the journey, when we reach that pivotal fork in the road, we are all faced with the question: 

Will I let this take me under or will I choose to find the strength to keep going? 

And that is exactly where my battle cry, The Edge, came from.

Join me on today’s episode as I share some of the lessons I learned as I journeyed to the edge of my anger and the hope I have found on the other side.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • How isolation can keep you stuck in your healing
  • What anger can teach you about yourself
  • How touching the edge opens you to your inner strength

Listen to the full album On The Edge and track 7 The Edge HERE

PODCAST BLOG: Episode 6 - Strange Club
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Have you ever found yourself belonging to a club you didn’t sign up for? 

In learning that I wasn’t the only woman in my late boyfriend's life, I suddenly found myself a lifetime member of a strange club. A sisterhood of women who, though we had never met, were forever bound together by the colliding stories of his infidelities.

So, join me on today’s episode as I share more about the significance of writing Track 6, Strange Club, and how telling my truth has brought me even more freedom than I could have imagined.

Tune in to hear: 

  • How the electric guitar line reflects the theme of the song
  • The camaraderie I have found in this strange little club
  • How healing can come through humor
  • Why the best way to tell my story was through music

Listen to the full album On The Edge and track 6 Strange Club HERE

PODCAST BLOG: Episode 5 - Fiction
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Have you ever found yourself in the middle of a circumstance in your life and wished you had the pen to rewrite the plot entirely? I mean, aren’t we supposed to be the main character of our own story?

Returning to the stage brought the little bit of lightness I needed to move forward into the heaviness of my reality -- and that is exactly the perspective I wrote Track 5, Fiction, from.

If you are in a situation you can’t wrap your head around and are longing for a way through, take a page out of my book and join me for today’s episode as I share,
  • Why this song unironically was a total rewrite
  • How fighting for lightness can provide a way through your pain
  • Why telling this story has been so valuable to my grieving process
  • How accepting your reality can free you to return to yourself

Listen to the full album On The Edge and track 5 Fiction here!

PODCAST BLOG: Episode 4 - Charmed
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Have you ever found yourself in a relationship trying to quiet the subtle nudge that something just isn’t quite right? Or, when red flags kept finding their way in front of you, you were just so smitten you chose to let them slide?

So, from the view of the other side, I wrote the fourth song on my album, Charmed, a light-hearted recount of the beginning and end of our relationship and an anthem of solidarity for anyone who has found themselves in a similar situation. 

Tune in to hear:

  • The Christmas gift that became the metaphor for our relationship
  • Why trustworthy people are a necessity to your inner circle
  • Why your gut is your biggest advocate
  • How your story isn’t defined by your past
Listen to the full album On The Edge and track 4 Charmed here!

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Country Insider

Stephanie Quayle uses her voice for more than just singing with the launch of her “On the Edge” podcast this month. The podcast, which posts its fourth weekly episode today, takes its name from the country singer’s latest album, released in November.

Like the album, the “On the Edge” podcast draws on the grief Quayle felt after the 2009 death of her boyfriend in a plane crash. Its eight episodes follow the album’s tracks sequentially, diving into each song’s message of redemption, with new 15-minute episodes posting each Wednesday. “I felt like this was the best way to introduce myself as the voice behind the podcast, the stories, and the music,” Quayle tells Country Insider.

Quayle wants to utilize her voice for good with the podcast, expanding on what she began with her album and a short film she released in January. “On the Edge” serves as an outlet for Quayle to continue a conversation with listeners and fans and to share things they normally don’t get to hear.

The podcast became a journey for Quayle to navigate her healing process. Since she shares her most vulnerable stories there, she hopes it creates a safe space for more stories to be shared within people’s truths. She says her album — and, by extension, the podcast — is all about having the permission to feel. “The more we own our stuff, the better we are,” Quayle says. “Let’s go to those places and feel those things.”

Quayle didn’t ask any guests to join her for the podcast’s first season because she wanted listeners to hear only her voice. “Trust is everything to me,” the singer says. “I wanted to build that conversation, that friendship and that trust, so that as other voices are incorporated, the listener knows they can still count on me.” Quayle says she plans to continue her podcast past this season and hopes to add guests later, possibly as soon as a season-one bonus episode.

Quayle says she and producer Elizabeth Evans had considered collaborating on a podcast for a while, but the timing never felt right. They knew the time was right after Quayle released her album, because the podcast seemed like a continuation of the conversation behind the music. “When you’re starting an adventure, it has to be on purpose, and it has to have purpose,” Quayle says. “I’m not a fan of chasing moving targets.”

Quayle also found inspiration in her late boyfriend’s daughter, Eden, who processed her grief through a different creative outlet. “Eden shared that she was going to paint her way to her healing,” Quayle says, “which made me think, I could do this too.” — Lexi Liby

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Have you ever been left without answers after the ending of a relationship? How can you find closure with so many unanswered questions?

Boy, do I relate to that. And trust me when I say, I KNOW how hard it is to deal with that emotion, friend.

And this is exactly the spirit the third track from the album, "Last Breath," was written from.

Tune in here as I chronicle through the lyrics: “Would you leave me questioning everything you ever said, if you knew it was your last breath?”

Listen to the episode here:

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Have you ever experienced a life changing impact from the most unexpecting person in your life? 

Tune in to Episode 2 to hear how my love of my late boyfriend's daughter inspired the most chronologically accurate song off the album. It walks you through the details of the night of the accident, and how it played out in real time. I still can’t get through telling the story without tears coming to my eyes.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • How this song directly depicts the events of the night of my late boyfriend’s plane crash,
  • Why my songwriter and I chose a light hearted melody specifically for this song,
  • The importance of the timing of releasing this album

Listen to the episode here:

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Is there a time period in your life you wish you could get back? 

After learning of the longevity of my late boyfriend’s infidelity, I was forced into a season of reflection of not only the relationship, but also myself. 

Tune in to this episode to hear how my time of reflection inspired the first song on my album, The Lost Years.

You’ll hear:

  • Behind the scenes of the songwriting process with the one and only Songwriter Tori,
  • My favorite line from the song (and hopefully yours, too!), 
  • How I took ownership to make lasting change in my life, and
  • The concept of Borrowing Courage that will follow through the rest of this season. 

Listen to the episode here:

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Stephanie Quayle was in love. The beautiful blonde with the wild heart had finally found a man she trusted and adored, a man with a larger-than-life personality, a man she could easily see spending the rest of her life with.

But then, the phone rang.

"We only knew that there had been an accident," Quayle, now 43, recalls during a recent interview with PEOPLE about the devastating news she received back in January of 2009. "We didn't know he was gone until we were trying to run onto the runway and a policeman stopped us and wouldn't let us get any further." She pauses. "It was just the most tragic of circumstances."

Quayle's boyfriend of four years had been killed in a plane crash, in a plane that he was piloting, while sitting alongside a male passenger that Quayle did not know. And in the days that followed his death, Quayle would come to find that there were other women in her boyfriend's life, many of whom she met at the memorial service.

But through it all, the singer/songwriter never said a word about the painful circumstances surrounding her boyfriend's life and death. She went on to make a country music career out of standout radio singles "Whatcha Drinkin 'Bout" and "Selfish," but remained committed to doing everything in her power to protect her late boyfriend's daughter Eden, who was just 12 years old at the time of her father's death.

But then, the phone rang yet again.