PODCAST BLOG: Episode 1 - The Lost Years


Is there a time period in your life you wish you could get back? 

After learning of the longevity of my late boyfriend’s infidelity, I was forced into a season of reflection of not only the relationship, but also myself. 

Tune in to this episode to hear how my time of reflection inspired the first song on my album, The Lost Years.

You’ll hear:

  • Behind the scenes of the songwriting process with the one and only Songwriter Tori,
  • My favorite line from the song (and hopefully yours, too!), 
  • How I took ownership to make lasting change in my life, and
  • The concept of Borrowing Courage that will follow through the rest of this season. 

If you’ve ever stayed in a relationship or season of life too long, and it felt like you ‘lost time’ – this episode is sure to bring your power back, and perhaps not in a way you expect.

My Favorite quotes from the episode: 

 “I decided to name it, to be able to reclaim it.”

“If you can face it, you can fix it.”

Listen to the episode here.

Listen to The Lost Years here: