PODCAST BLOG: Episode 2 - Charmed


Have you ever found yourself in a relationship trying to quiet the subtle nudge that something just isn’t quite right? Or, when red flags kept finding their way in front of you, you were just so smitten you chose to let them slide?

We so desperately want to believe that we would see the signs and take our gut instinct at face value. But how often do we end up second-guessing ourselves rather than the one standing right in front of us? 

After my late boyfriend passed, I found myself in this exact place trying to pick up the pieces of what I thought our relationship was and the actual reality of it. 

How could I have missed what was right under my nose?

Hindsight always has a way of being 20/20 but if I have learned one thing through it all it’s that even the best of hearts gets charmed. 

So, from the view of the other side, I wrote the fourth song on my album, Charmed, a light-hearted recount of the beginning and end of our relationship and an anthem of solidarity for anyone who has found themselves in a similar situation. 

Join me on today’s episode, as I share some of the red flags I missed and a few key realizations that have brought me to a place of not only trusting others again but myself.

Tune in to hear:

  • The Christmas gift that became the metaphor for our relationship
  • Why trustworthy people are a necessity to your inner circle
  • Why your gut is your biggest advocate
  • How your story isn’t defined by your past

In reality, my story is not uncommon, because any time our hearts get involved, acting on what we innately know becomes that much harder. But, what I know to be true is, what I thought would break me turned out to be building me along.

Quotes from the episode:

“If your gut is signaling to you early on, listen to it before you don't trust it anymore.”

“Borrow courage in the fact of knowing you have the ability to change your future no matter what has happened in your past.”

Listen to the full album On The Edge and track 4 Charmed here!

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