Have you ever been brought to the edge of yourself? 

No matter the journey, when we reach that pivotal fork in the road, we are all faced with the question: 

Will I let this take me under or will I choose to find the strength to keep going? 

I think we would love to believe that we only have to make that choice once, but in reality, the road back to ourselves is paved by the strength we gather as we recommit to getting back up time and time again.

After the revelations of my late boyfriend's infidelities, I was shattered. It seemed as though all I could see around me was darkness, but standing at the edge between what was and what could be, I was bound and determined to save myself. My healing would be on my own terms and without the help of anyone else. 

What I would come to learn however, is that pushing forward is not the same as being present to your pain.

And that is exactly where my battle cry, The Edge, came from.

Join me on today’s episode as I share some of the lessons I learned as I journeyed to the edge of my anger and the hope I have found on the other side.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • How isolation can keep you stuck in your healing
  • What anger can teach you about yourself
  • How touching the edge opens you to your inner strength

This song was once a pathway of self-reflection but now serves as a reminder of the strength that carried me to where I am today. Because even though we might want to go around our pain, the only way out is through.

Quotes from the episode: 

A story of redemption doesn’t give us the gift to forget but it does allow us to use our scars for good.”

We hold to the truth that we can dig up the strength to find ourselves again but sometimes we have to touch the edge to know the line.”

“The only way around it is through it - and you are capable.” 

Listen to the full album On The Edge and track 7 The Edge here: 


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