PODCAST BLOG: Episode 5 - Fiction


Have you ever found yourself in the middle of a circumstance in your life and wished you had the pen to rewrite the plot entirely? I mean, aren’t we supposed to be the main character of our own story?

It would be amazing to hand-pick our hardship in a way that always favored a hero status but ultimately there will always be other people in our plot. So, even if we could script everything out ourselves there would still be parts of our life that we couldn’t even make up if we tried.

As I came face to face with a story I could have never written for myself I began to realize that sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction.

The strange thing about grief is that even though your whole world seems to stop, time keeps moving. Just a few weeks after my late boyfriend's passing, I found myself trying to adjust to the new reality of my life. It felt impossible to imagine that I would return to doing anything that I loved ever again and this felt especially true about returning to my music. Thankfully, those closest to me knew that that was in fact the lifeline I needed to be able to begin again.

Returning to the stage brought the little bit of lightness I needed to move forward into the heaviness of my reality and that is exactly the perspective I wrote Track 5, Fiction, from.

If you are in a situation you can’t wrap your head around and are longing for a way through, take a page out of my book and join me for today’s episode as I share,

  • Why this song unironically was a total rewrite
  • How fighting for lightness can provide a way through your pain
  • Why telling this story has been so valuable to my grieving process
  • How accepting your reality can free you to return to yourself

While what you see in front of you might not be the life you had imagined, let me be the friend to remind you, you are still the main character of your story and there is a whole lot of living yet to do.

Quotes from the episode

This is how I believe we are able to get through things because we are all going through the same things, just different versions of the gray, because really nothing is black and white.

“If you feel that your situation is taking you under, is pulling you down. Search and fight for any level of lightness because it'll be what gets you through.”

      Sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction.”

      Listen to the full album On The Edge and track 5 Fiction here:


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