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Recorded almost entirely virtually during the pandemic, Stephanie Quayle's self-titled album includes singles “By Heart,” “Wild Frontier,” and “I Want The World For You,” along with some brand new material like the comforting “Hang My Hat." The collection of songs define a new era in Quayle’s musical journey. With a strong dose of Western, an emphasis on baritone guitar and a frisky put-it-out there candor, the singer-songwriter leans straight into what’s on her mind. Paired with Alex Kline, award winning songwriter and one of the most notable female producers in Nashville, the two have expanded upon Quayle's Big Sky Country roots that cement her place in country music as an artist who authentically carries the genre's roots into the contemporary landscape of today.

Rolling Stone Country named her “An Artist You Need To Know,” CMT tapped Quayle as part of their “Next Women of Country” franchise, The Kelly Clarkson Show featured Quayle as a performer and guest, her last three singles garnered over 100 million audience impressions, and the Grand Ole Opry has hosted the get-it-done artist multiple times. Cited by Billboard for her “captivating story-telling,” Quayle serves a powerful dose of self-propulsion tempered with a dollop of “go, girl” affirmation and the above mentioned truth-telling. With a vocal forward tilt, she blazes through her songs with equal parts of wonder, sinew and enough vinegar to shuck the sugary good girl role for an ever-evolving grown ass woman.


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On April 22, the successful independent artist and businesswoman released her self-titled studio album. Stephanie Quayle is her second full-length, with a few EPs mixed between over the last decade. It's difficult to put a time stamp on the start of her career, as she's never had a "hit" or starred on a reality television show; therefore, she never made a hard entrance into our consciousness.

Instead, the woman who was Montana before Montana was cool just started showing up in bars and festivals in Nashville and across the country. Or, you'd find her under a sponsor's banner, smiling as she signed autographs.

They call it hustling. "I had a lot of people who were interested in me in music, but they wanted to change me," Quayle tells Taste of Country during a Zoom from her farm in North Carolina. "So it wasn’t until 2008 that I went, “OK, I’m just going to do this myself. I’m going to find a way with no managers and no agents. Just me and my friends, and let’s go make some music."

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Stephanie Quayle released her latest, self titled album on April 22nd. The album, much like all of Stephanie’s music is an absolute joy to listen to. Each track has been carefully written or picked out in the case of outside songs but each song has such a special meaning to Stephanie and it shows in the way she sings the songs with powerful emotion and passion.

We adore Stephanie here at BOON. A wonderful lady in person, Stephanie’s personality truly translates in her music and even more so in her live shows. Just ask her Flock of Quayle, you cannot get a more supportive and loving fanbase than them.

I love catching up with Stephanie. If you are part of her flock then you know that she is such a down to earth and kind person so chatting with her is always so much fun and it is just like chatting to an old friend.

After Stephanie asks how I have been and how the family have been and saying it has been a long time I then ask how she is, how her day is because when we spoke to her, it was album release day.

It has been the wildest album release day of my life – Stephanie laughs

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Let me set the scene for you.

There’s a sure-footed, sure-sounding cowgirl singing about life and love while traversing a stage with unfeigned delight. Her songs are both familiar and new, but overall, they’re bona fide country anthems. That’s what it looks like to see country songstress Stephanie Quayle perform. 

And now, Quayle has a new collection of songs to sing to her fans.

Her self-titled album dropped at the end of April 2022 and features eight new tracks. Quayle, who grew up in Bozeman, Montana, took some time off touring (thanks Covid) to record these songs. The time off put Quayle in a unique headspace and she was able to recapture some of her feelings for her music. Thus, Stephanie Quayle is largely an album of love songs. 

“That album is such a labor of love,” Quayle tells American Songwriter. “That was how do we keep making music? We found a way. How do we keep putting out music? We found a way. And that’s really what that album is to me. It’s such a body of love songs and also to myself.”

One of the songs on the record, “Lone Ranger,” is one such love song, and it may be the most earnest of the bunch. “I think it’s the most love song of all love songs to say there will never be another,” Quayle says. “My husband’s kind of like, it’s kind of intense. I’m like, ‘It’s supposed to be!’ I really feel that and I love playing that song.” 

“[It]’s such a little Western for me,” she adds.

Rather heartbreak be my friend and love be a stranger
Cause if I have to ride with someone else that’s not you
I’d rather be a lone ranger

Another song on the record, “I Want the World for You,” helped Quayle stamp out her “self-critic” and “imposter syndrome.” And “We Buy Gold” has a depth that leads Quayle to label it as “a thinker.”

“And when that song hit me, was when my little brother was getting married during 2020,” Quayle says about “We Buy Gold.” “And we’d had that song for years. Like we’d tried to record it once before, but it didn’t quite come together… It came together when my brother was walking down the aisle during COVID in this very, very small wedding. They figured out a way to do it. It was like okay, the world is at this weird time and people still fall in love and they still find love and they still get married. And that is ‘We Buy Gold,’ right? Like, no matter what, when all is said and done, [we find love].”

Other songs like “Hang My Hat” and “Light My Way” are fan favorites, but Quayle had another surprise up her sleeve for her Stephanie Quayle release.

In conjunction with her album release, Quayle announced her partnership with the boot brand Lucchese. The singer worked with the high-end bootmakers to release her own line of boots. “It’s overwhelmingly awesome,” the singer says about her partnership. “I think for the boot line, [it] is a dream realized. I’ve always wanted to do this. So to see it happen, and then in like correlation with album release is bonkers and really special. 

“I’ve been a huge fan of Lucchese for a lot of years,” she continues. And after performing at Lucchese-sponsored events over the years, the brand proposed a collaboration. “They just kind of said, ‘What do you think about doing a line together?’ And I about came out of my boots. Like, ‘Are you serious? What an honor.’

“I’ve been collecting boots my whole entire life. From stealing my mom’s to stealing my step mom’s [to] stealing my sister’s… I tried to steal my brothers too. But I collect. And so I have a really wide array of these vintage boots that have something that caught my eye. My thought was maybe one day, I’ll get to have my own line. So it’s really special.”

From cowboy boots to love songs, Stephanie Quayle is an unstoppable force of creativity. Check out Quayle’s boot line with Lucchese HERE and her self-titled album HERE.



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