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Recorded almost entirely virtually during COVID-19, the lead single, “By Heart,” defines a new era in Quayle’s musical journey. With a strong dose of Western, an emphasis on baritone guitar and a frisky put-it-out there candor, the singer-songwriter leans straight into what’s on her mind. Paired with Alex Kline, award winning songwriter and one of the most notable female producers in Nashville, the two have expanded upon Quayle's Big Sky Country roots with the first release from a forthcoming collection of songs that is sure to cement her place in country music as an artist who authentically carries the genre's roots into the contemporary landscape of today.

Rolling Stone Country named her “An Artist You Need To Know,” CMT tapped Quayle as part of their “Next Women of Country” franchise, The Kelly Clarkson Show featured Quayle as a performer and guest, her last three singles garnered over 100 million audience impressions, and the Grand Ole Opry has hosted the get-it-done artist multiple times. Cited by Billboard for her “captivating story-telling,” Quayle serves a powerful dose of self-propulsion tempered with a dollop of “go, girl” affirmation and the above mentioned truth-telling. With a vocal forward tilt, she blazes through her songs with equal parts of wonder, sinew and enough vinegar to shuck the sugary good girl role for an ever-evolving grown ass woman.


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Fans get a heavy dose of Quayle’s affectionate side in her recently released track, “By Heart.” The dreamy song, produced by respected Nashville producer Alex Kline, and recorded almost entirely virtually over the last 12 months, finds Quayle wanting to know more about the man she’s head over heels about.

“This song [By Heart] is simply complex. Love is supposed to be simple, and it’s also very complex…What’s interesting about [this song], is that, to me, it symbolizes the beginning of my relationship with my husband, but also, through the course of these last months, I’ve gotten to know him in ways that I never expected,” the Bozeman, Montana native and wife of David Couch, says in her bio, posted on her official website. “It’s that curiosity of wanting to know everything about the person you love; from start to, well, forever.”

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Being a light so bright that it illuminates others isn’t merely a quote Stephanie Quayle manifests – she lives it. The Montana native grew up on a buffalo farm where her mother showed her what it means to be a cowboy, and later taught her how to ride a motorcycle. But music has always been her calling, a journey that’s presented Quayle with a fair share of obstacles, all of which she’s conquered with a deep sense of self. With her eye consistently set on growth and elevation, Quayle is pouring her heart and soul into a new era of music that begins with her single “By Heart.”

In this edition of Female Friday, Quayle joins us for an expansive conversation ranging from how high school bullies and an exchange program in Switzerland set her on her path to stardom to her insightful perspective on life, with plenty of words of wisdom in between. 


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