Have you ever been left without answers after the ending of a relationship? How can you find closure with so many unanswered questions?

Boy, do I relate to that. And trust me when I say, I KNOW how hard it is to deal with that emotion, friend.

It feels impossible to move on when you so desperately are seeking closure through these answers, doesn’t it?

This is exactly how I felt after learning of my late boyfriend’s infidelity at his memorial service. I was so angry – but where was I to put that anger? He wasn’t here to direct my anger towards him - and was I even allowed to be mad at him after his passing? 

I had more questions than I did answers. So I decided to move forward the only way I knew how: To write it in song.

And this is exactly the spirit the third track from the album, Last Breath, was written from.

It’s probably the most universal song on the album that almost anyone can relate to. It essentially just asks of all of our exes:  

“Would you leave me questioning everything you ever said, if you knew it was your last breath?”

So in this episode, I’m taking you behind the scenes of writing Last Breath, which chronicles in song how I was able to move forward in life without answers from my late boyfriend to the questions that were keeping me stuck. 

Tune in to this episode to hear: 

  • How I reacted after hearing the news that I wasn’t the only woman in my late boyfriend’s life,
  • The change to Last Breath suggested by my producer that transformed the song,
  • How I initially coped with the pain, and how you may relate to this, too - 
  • What you ACTUALLY need to move forward in life (hint: it’s not closure), and
  • Why you shouldn’t limit the pain you feel during a hard time.

Even if your relationship didn’t end with the death of a loved one like mine, I know that sometimes it can still feel like that when they walk out of your life. Closure is hard without answers - but healing is attainable nonetheless.

Tune in to find the courage you need to pursue wholeness in life and dive into the story behind my vulnerable song as I ask for all of us:

“Would you leave me questioning everything you ever said, if you knew it was your last breath?”

Quotes from the episode: 

"When you limit your ability to feel the pain, you limit your ability to feel joy, too."

"You don’t need closure to move on. You need something else: healing."

"You have to feel it to be able to heal it."

Listen to the full album On The Edge and track 3 Last Breath here: 


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