PODCAST BLOG: Episode 2 - Like She Is


Have you ever experienced a life changing impact from the most unexpecting person in your life? 

I can say that I have. My late boyfriend’s daughter. She taught me how to unconditionally love, how to be a parent, how to be there for someone at any hour of the day. 

After her dad’s accident, protecting her became my main priority.

This is what Track 2, Like She Is, from my album On The Edge, is all about.

This song is for every step mother, step father, mentor, unexpecting person that walks into your life that you love as your own. It’s my love song for his daughter. It’s a love song for those you bring into your family as your own.

Tune in to Episode 2 to hear how my love of this child inspired the most chronologically accurate song off the album. It walks you through the details of the night of the accident, and how it played out in real time. I still can’t get through telling the story without tears coming to my eyes.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • How this song directly depicts the events of the night of my late boyfriend’s plane crash,
  • Why my songwriter and I chose a light hearted melody specifically for this song,
  • The importance of the timing of releasing this album

I hope after listening, you’ll go hug your loved ones a little tighter today.

Listen to the episode here:


Quotes from the episode

 “But isn't that just life? Confusing, contradictory, and chaotic all at once. And once we start to accept that as our truth - as the truth - that's when we can really start to accept ourselves, just as we are.

Listen to the full album On The Edge and track 2 Like She Is here: 


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