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Stephanie Quayle is a Nashville recording artist who tours the world with her music and an entrepreneur with her own record label, Big Sky Music Group. Rolling Stone Country called her “an artist you need to know,” CMT named her as part of its “Next Women of Country” franchise, and she’s appeared on popular programs like The Kelly Clarkson Show and The Ellen DeGeneres Show. As an indie artist with two Billboard charted singles, “Selfish” and “Whatcha Drinkin ’Bout,” she has repeatedly performed at CMA Fest and the Grand Ole Opry. The Montana native has teamed up with recognizable brands like Wrangler, Harley-Davidson, Bass Pro Shops, Montana Silversmiths, as well as Lucchese Bootmaker in the creation of her exclusive boot line. Quayle’s latest album On the Edge chronicles her personal experience in a toxic relationship and the healing she’s gone through since—inspiring others and redefining her future.

It is with great honor, joy, and a healthy dose of nerves that Stephanie shares with you her debut book, Why Do We Stay?. It will be on shelves April 30, 2024 and is available for preorder now online everywhere books are sold.

Why Do We Stay? is a continuation of the story she shared publicly for the first time on her album On the Edge, and with some additional insights from my friend W. Keith Campbell, PHD, they explore how to spot a toxic relationship, how to get out, and how to heal.


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Is there a time period in your life you wish you could get back? 

After learning of the longevity of my late boyfriend’s infidelity, I was forced into a season of reflection of not only the relationship, but also myself. 

Tune in to this episode to hear how my time of reflection inspired the first song on my album, The Lost Years.

You’ll hear:

  • Behind the scenes of the songwriting process with the one and only Songwriter Tori,
  • My favorite line from the song (and hopefully yours, too!), 
  • How I took ownership to make lasting change in my life, and
  • The concept of Borrowing Courage that will follow through the rest of this season. 

Listen to the episode here:

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Stephanie Quayle was in love. The beautiful blonde with the wild heart had finally found a man she trusted and adored, a man with a larger-than-life personality, a man she could easily see spending the rest of her life with.

But then, the phone rang.

"We only knew that there had been an accident," Quayle, now 43, recalls during a recent interview with PEOPLE about the devastating news she received back in January of 2009. "We didn't know he was gone until we were trying to run onto the runway and a policeman stopped us and wouldn't let us get any further." She pauses. "It was just the most tragic of circumstances."

Quayle's boyfriend of four years had been killed in a plane crash, in a plane that he was piloting, while sitting alongside a male passenger that Quayle did not know. And in the days that followed his death, Quayle would come to find that there were other women in her boyfriend's life, many of whom she met at the memorial service.

But through it all, the singer/songwriter never said a word about the painful circumstances surrounding her boyfriend's life and death. She went on to make a country music career out of standout radio singles "Whatcha Drinkin 'Bout" and "Selfish," but remained committed to doing everything in her power to protect her late boyfriend's daughter Eden, who was just 12 years old at the time of her father's death.

But then, the phone rang yet again.



You or someone you love may be in a toxic relationship, but it doesn't have to stay that way. In this compassionate and practical resource, Stephanie Quayle shares her powerful story alongside psychologist Dr. W. Keith Campbell's professional insights to give you the help and hope you need—and remind you that you are not alone.

When Stephanie lost her boyfriend in a plane crash, she faced intense grief and pain. Nothing compared, though, to the shock of discovering she had not been the only woman in his life. As her world unraveled around her, Stephanie realized that it had actually been unraveling from the start of their relationship—back when he promised her everything.

In Why Do We Stay? Stephanie draws on her story to explain how to spot a toxic relationship, how to get out, and how to heal. Mental health expert Dr. W. Keith Campbell joins her in helping you see that:

  • You can make a change in your life
  • There are warning signs to look for and ways to spot an unhealthy relationship
  • You don’t have to be a victim to narcissism or gaslighting or lose years of your life
  • Whether you stay in or leave your relationship, healing and freedom are possible

Why Do We Stay? is ideal for:

  • Those who feel trapped in an unhealthy relationship
  • Those who are recovering from a toxic relationship
  • Readers searching for a resource—for themselves or for a friend—on narcissism,
  • gaslighting, compulsive lying, and other destructive behaviors

With a powerful blend of clinical research, gripping storytelling, and unvarnished hope, Why Do We Stay? empowers you to make changes in your life. You are not alone.

Discover a way forward.

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