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Recorded almost entirely virtually during COVID-19, the latest releases, "Wild Frontier" and “By Heart,” define a new era in Quayle’s musical journey. With a strong dose of Western, an emphasis on baritone guitar and a frisky put-it-out there candor, the singer-songwriter leans straight into what’s on her mind. Paired with Alex Kline, award winning songwriter and one of the most notable female producers in Nashville, the two have expanded upon Quayle's Big Sky Country roots with the lead singles from this forthcoming collection of songs that is sure to cement her place in country music as an artist who authentically carries the genre's roots into the contemporary landscape of today.

Rolling Stone Country named her “An Artist You Need To Know,” CMT tapped Quayle as part of their “Next Women of Country” franchise, The Kelly Clarkson Show featured Quayle as a performer and guest, her last three singles garnered over 100 million audience impressions, and the Grand Ole Opry has hosted the get-it-done artist multiple times. Cited by Billboard for her “captivating story-telling,” Quayle serves a powerful dose of self-propulsion tempered with a dollop of “go, girl” affirmation and the above mentioned truth-telling. With a vocal forward tilt, she blazes through her songs with equal parts of wonder, sinew and enough vinegar to shuck the sugary good girl role for an ever-evolving grown ass woman.


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Stephanie Quayle, a seasoned cowgirl, steps further into her artistry, bearing fruits from 2020. Hailing from Bozeman, Montana, the emerging country artist grew up working on a bison and cattle ranch. Looking at her mother’s gritted determination, Quayle refused minor setbacks and outdated industry standards to fence in her destined path to perform country music.  Recently named the First Female Country Music Ambassador for Bass Pro Shops & Cabela’s,  the artist reveals a new chapter in her music career with songs recorded remotely from familiar turf.

Quayle & producer and songwriter Alex Kline will be getting together on Wednesday, March 24 at 5 p.m. CT to host a FB livestream conversation about her latest collection of music, what it was like recording during the COVID pandemic, and being women in the industry. Tune in to Stephanie’s Facebook page or American Songwriter’s Facebook page to be a part of the chat.

Quayle’s latest single, “Wild Frontier,” is her love story. Released March 19, the galloping track is a forward step in her most intimate project to date. Recorded almost entirely virtually from home with breakout female producer Alex Kline, “Wild Frontier,” was written by a rock-solid team of Nashville tunesmiths—Maren Morris, Shane McAnally, and Ross Copperman. The lyrics transform her native landscape into a metaphor for the “unchartered territory” of newfound love. Though penned by others, the song story places the artist back where she first met her husband, David.

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The little Rebel Engine that did, Stephanie Quayle, took control of her career in 2013 through the launch of her own label and entertainment company. Quayle enlisted Carli McLaughlin Kane in 2015 and, by Oct. 2017, Kane was running the business. On the heels of announcing their more widely focused new venture Big Sky Music (CAT 2/2), the duo spoke with Country Aircheck about mission, identity and goals for 2021 and beyond. “This is something Carli and I had been discussing this past year – how much change we were wanting to create,” begins Quayle. “Things we wanted to leave behind, some of the lessons we’ve learned, what we envisioned as the next part of our business partnership.”

Quayle is the label’s flagship artist, although they’ve already received submissions, while Kane is running the company and eyeing expansion. “We’re putting in a structure and plans to take on more artists and be a home for great talent,” says Kane.

The mission of being a “safe, inclusive, supportive home” for artists and creators with an emphasis on collaboration was born from Quayle’s personal experience in the industry … good and bad. “It goes back to when I first moved to town,” she says. “People would come into my life and say, ‘You’re great, now let’s change everything.’” This, coupled with seeing young, female artists being signed, shelved and dropped, drove Quayle to create another way, not only for herself, but for others. “That was part of the [previous] name, I mean, I’m the little Rebel Engine,” she laughs.

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Big Sky Music Group recording artist, Stephanie Quayle, has released her latest single, "Wild Frontier," available now wherever you find great music. The track continues the story of Stephanie's journey through love which began with her latest release earlier this year, "By Heart." As she continues to evolve both personally and as an artist, she is inviting fans to join her every step of the way with her latest collection of music that tells a story of finding and fighting for love.  

LISTEN:      "Wild Frontier"

Recorded almost entirely virtually from home with breakout female producer Alex Kline, "Wild Frontier," was written by a team of powerhouse songwriters - Maren Morris, Shane McAnally, and Ross Copperman. The song explores the vast and limitless connection to those we love and that even through life's darkest and overwhelming moments, there's an unwavering anchor there to bring you back home.  

"I remember driving down that gravel road for the first time with my whole future on the horizon as the dirt and rocks kicked up behind me," says Stephanie. "I didn’t know my whole world would change that day as I headed towards my now husband. This song is my life, and Montana is the backdrop to our love story — it has been from the very start.  Wildly, the pens of Maren, Shane and Ross, captured the spirit of what we think is a legendary love. To be with someone and not need to “tame each other”— these words spoke to me.  And I know there are other couples out there that feel this kind of “no fences” love out there too. This song paints that vast picture that you can just get lost in." 

“‘Wild Frontier’ feels like an extension of ‘By Heart.’ So much so that we leaned into visually connecting the songs to tell this story in the artwork too,” shares Stephanie. “I’m definitely more vulnerable than I’ve ever been with this project -- even down to making sure we included that very gravel road that led me to love.”

Stay tuned for a third track from Stephanie this Spring which will round out the first chapter of her upcoming music collection where she continues exploring life and love. 

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