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As a member of CMT's Next Women of Country, Stephanie Quayle is an undeniable force on the country music scene. Her current single, "Whatcha Drinkin 'Bout," from her latest EP, If I Was A Cowboy, has garnered over 29 million audience impressions (Mediabase) and over one million views on the official music video. 

The Rebel Engine Entertainment recording artist is one of the most active female artists with a consistent presence on the Billboard Country Airplay chart (over 60 million audience impressions with her last three singles at radio), and ranks in the Top 10 of Current Female Airplay over the last two years (Mediabase).


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Hi! How has everything been for you – I know America is beginning to open up slowly? Are you moving a bit back toward normality. 

Well to be determined, I’m on our farm in North Carolina, just north of Greensboro, it’s about seven hours from Nashville and so I’ve been there for the last about 100 days, which is crazy. I haven’t been in one place for this long in I think about twenty years (laughs), I’m always on the road. I’ve been doing a load of virtual concerts and virtual fan activities. I go to Nashville this week, I’ll go on Sunday and I’ll be there to record new music and do some different things there. It’ll be interesting to see how that feels, having to plan – like what door to go into the studio that no one else goes through. The part of music that I love the most is the community and us all being together, so the separate rooms that’s weird. The isolation booth for recording, yes but not being able to go back into the studio and listen as a group, it’ll all feel weird.

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It's been a rough year for many since the coronavirus pandemic swept its way around the world at the start of 2020, eventually hitting the U.S. in mid-March. Country music artist, Stephanie Quayle, like many other performers, have had to shift and re-arrange their schedules once a lockdown and a new way of life was in place. However, a lingering question on everyone's minds is how will we all get back to the way things were, and how long will it take?

In an exclusive with, Quayle admits she not only misses her band and is struggling with not being able to hug people, but despite the craziness, she's ready to create a new way for artists like herself to jump back in and give the fans a feeling of normalcy. "I miss my band, you know? I've been checking in on them regularly to make sure that they're good because it just went from like, we were booked for shows up until December, and it just got stopped in its tracks. So for me, It's like how do I make sure everyone's okay?" Quayle said.


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