Country Artist Stephanie Quayle shares powerful story of toxic relationship in new book, WHY DO WE STAY? 

Acclaimed singer/songwriter teams up with psychologist W. Keith Campbell  to write intimate and practical guide to relationship recovery 

January 8, 2024 (Nashville) — Harper Celebrate, a gift book imprint of HarperCollins Focus,  has announced a forthcoming book with country artist Stephanie Quayle, on sale April 30, 2024.  WHY DO WE STAY? HOW MY TOXIC RELATIONSHIP CAN HELP YOU FIND  FREEDOM combines gripping storytelling and clinical research from psychologist Dr. W.  Keith Campbell to offer a compassionate and practical resource to relationship recovery. 

New York Times bestselling author Katherine Schwarzenegger Pratt says, “Many of us know  someone or have found ourselves in a relationship that we know isn’t right. [Stephanie] wrote  this book to help others who might find themselves in a toxic relationship, and I know with  Stephanie’s honesty and vulnerability, this book will do just that.” 

When Stephanie lost her boyfriend in a plane crash, she faced intense grief and pain. Nothing  compared, though, to the shock of discovering she had not been the only woman in his life. As  her world unraveled around her, Stephanie realized that it had actually been unraveling from the  start of their relationship—back when he promised her everything. In WHY DO WE STAY,  Stephanie shares her own story to explain how to spot a toxic relationship, how to get out, and  how to heal. With additional evidence-based advice from mental health expert Dr. Campbell,  readers will find tips on identifying warning signs, narcissism, compulsive lying, and  gaslighting; making changes; and finding healing and freedom.  

“I know what it’s like to be in the trenches,” says Stephanie. “I’m familiar with what it feels like  to be shamed, blamed, minimized, disrespected, love bombed, and gaslighted, because I was in a  toxic relationship for years. I’m excited to welcome readers into my story because I want them  to find the healing I fought fourteen years to find.”  

“Quayle writes movingly and transparently about the deep psychological scars experienced in a  relationship and the many years it took to heal the subsequent wounds,” says Joshua Miller, PhD,  psychologist and professor, University of Georgia. “Dr. Campbell, one of the world’s foremost  experts in the study of narcissism, defines psychological terms and discusses strategies for  coping with wounds left from these relationships.”  

WHY DO WE STAY? HOW MY TOXIC RELATIONSHIP CAN HELP YOU FIND  FREEDOM is available for preorder now. Learn more at HarperCollinsFocus.com/Harper Celebrate/Why-Do-We-Stay/