Stephanie Quayle is one of those country artists who flies just below the mainstream radar, touching all the edges of it by giving us great song after great song which always makes her a must listen: “Drinking with Dolly,” “Winnebago,” “Whatcha Drinkin’ Bout,” “We Buy Gold,” etc.

Quayle now returns with her new single, “I Want the World for You.”

The softer paced song, co-written by Quayle, Tiffany Goss, Adam Wood and JR McCoy, surrounds you with its melody and matches it with the vibe of the heartfelt lyric while allowing Quayle to utilize her voice to accent the strong, much-needed encouraging message.

In a way that is like what Lee Ann Womack did with “I Hope You Dance” and Tim McGraw did on “Humble & Kind,” Stephanie Quayle sings us through a lyric that plays out like an open letter that tells us (and her stepchildren in her case) to take on the world with kindness in our hearts and to be the difference makers by reflecting on the simple positives of our own lives.

All designed to lead you to the repeated hook of the song, “I want the world for you,” her hopes are delivered in list like fashion as she sings lines such as:

“I hope your coffee’s hot and strong, the bad days are short and the good ones are long.”

“I hope you smile when you dream at night, say more hello’s than you do goodbye’s.”

“I hope what you want and what you need, wind up being the same thing.”

“I hope you see the sunshine even through the rain.”

“I hope the mountains that you climb lead to a few that takes your breath away.”

As an artist, Stephanie Quayle knows all the right ways to use her voice to deliver the emotional punch of the lyrics so that they tug on our heartstrings. But as a songwriter, her keen know-how has led her to releasing a song that is very necessary right now among all the negative and selfish back and forth we see happening in the world every day. This poignant song injects the one thing that seems to be missing in the middle of the mess – Hope!

(Review Written By: Jeffrey Kurtis)