Stephanie Quayle has certainly carved out her path in country music with several buzzed about single releases including “Winnebago,” “Drinking with Dolly,” “Whatcha Drinkin’ ‘Bout,” and “By Heart.”

She now returns with her brand-new single “We Buy Gold” - a song written by Park Chisolm, Anna Vaus, and Mark Irwin.

The mid-tempo melody slides right in line with the signature feel and sound that we’ve grown accustomed to from Quayle, and it weaves its way around a very strong lyric that while it looks at the negativity in the world, it truly focuses on still just going for it when it comes to falling in that once in a lifetime kind of love.

Relatable lines that focus on the common negative trends that the world today is experiencing include: “we live twice as long and stay together half as much,” “Marry too damn young and when we do it ain’t just once,” and “we earn twice as much but still don’t have a clue how to find real love.”

However, when Quayle flips the script in the chorus and focuses on the idea that you only live once so go for it when it comes to being in a real love, the song becomes ultra-positive as she describes a getting married scene that includes carving names on the wedding bands and tying tin cans to a car, before driving us to the hook, “in a world where nothing’s sure but growing old…we buy gold.”

Though the song was originally recorded years back, Quayle has patiently waited for the timing to be right to release it – The time is most definitely right!

Her back catalog already speaks for itself, she’s now made a very bold stamp on who she is as an artist, and with the release of this new single, she opens her next chapter while continuing to be deserving of heavy rotation airplay and spins on major market radio.