Stephanie Quayle has announced the release of her latest album, On The Edge, available on November 4th via her own Big Sky Music Group. The collection of songs was a soul-searching reconciliation of long suppressed trauma and triumph for Quayle — channeling emotions from one of the darkest times in her life. The album’s first single, “The Lost Years,” explores a 13-year period that Quayle silenced her pain, put on a smiling face and buried the impact of a life-changing tragedy.

“My lost years were full of regret and redemption,” says Quayle. “This song, and this album, crack open the door to sharing my personal struggle with the weight of those years, and my decision to no longer shoulder that weight alone. I don’t know what the world will take from it, but this song has already given me more than I ever could have expected, and no one has even heard it yet.”

The eight tracks that make up the project, explore the fundamentally human experience when in your darkest moments you’re faced with a decision, when you’re forced to choose between descending into the darkness or seeking the light. This album is a redemptive tale, and a profoundly personal one.