Country singer-songwriter Stephanie Quayle is reveling in blissful romance on her brand new song, “We Buy Gold.” 

The mid-tempo tune packs energy and passion as Quayle chronicles the journey of a beautiful relationship. “We buy gold Carve our names into the band / Say a vow, say a prayer / Slip it on each other’s hand / Tie some tin cans to the car / Drive away and cross our hearts / In a world where nothing’s sure, but growing old,” the Bozeman, Montana native sings on the stirring chorus, reminding listeners of the triumphant power of true love.

“Growing up, ‘we buy gold’ was a sign in the storefront of my dad’s shop. Buying gold was part of my dad’s work so the title had me from the start. I understood it,” Quayle recalls in a press statement. “Then when I actually heard the song, it really got me—the curiosities of how everything can be falling apart and we still fall in love, pair off, get engaged, married…We still find and choose each other.”

“We recorded this song years back and it just wasn’t quite right. We held onto it because we knew it was special. When Alex [Kline] brought this to life in her ‘Kline’ way, the story and the feel unfolded perfectly,” Quayle says of the track, which was penned by Anna Vaus, Mark Irwin and Paul Chisolm, and produced by Kline. 

“I felt this song on a whole other level when my younger brother, John, got married at our farm during the Pandemic. The message never felt so honest as it did in that moment. Love prevailed when every possible hurdle came to pass. We still buy gold.”

“We Buy Gold” is Quayle’s follow-up to “By Heart” and “Wild Frontier,” both of which were released earlier by Big Sky Music Group this year. Fans can expect even more new music from the country singer later this year.

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