As we approach Mother's Day and honor the women who raised us and helped shape our lives, Country music star Stephanie Quayle (with a little help from her mom) is releasing "From Horses to Horsepower," a new video in partnership with iconic motorcycle brand, Harley-Davidson®. The video celebrates a cross-generational story of mentorship, inspiration and a passion for riding motorcycles. 

Produced by Rebel Engine Entertainment, the video follows Stephanie’s journey of learning to ride from a lifelong mentor, her mom. It was through her mother’s mentorship that Stephanie first fell in love with riding horses while growing up in Montana, and now her mother, a veteran Harley-Davidson Fat Boy® rider, has taught her how to master a motorcycle. With their shared love of freedom and the open road, riding strengthens their relationship outside of the traditional mother-daughter archetypes as Stephanie embraces and emulates her mother’s fearlessness and confidence in this new and exciting pursuit. 

 "It all started with a song. I wrote 'Evel Knievel' as an anthem of fearlessness to follow your dreams and take that leap of faith. I thought of my mom with all of the riding imagery, and couldn’t help but think of my own desire of wanting to get on a motorcycle. I felt this calling to conquer it and experience the joy and freedom that I know my mom feels every time she gets on her bike,” says Quayle. "There's nothing more exciting than sharing this experience with my mom as my fearless mentor. Our bond is stronger than ever and even though we can’t be together right now, we spend hours on the phone talking about our journey together and our love of Harleys and horses!" 

The video project features Stephanie's song, "Evel Knievel," with a message inspiring confidence and courage. "Evel Knievel" and Stephanie's current radio single, "Whatcha Drinkin 'Bout," can be found on her latest EP - If I Was A Cowboy-- available now at all digital retailers and streaming platforms. 

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