Big Sky Music Group singer-songwriter, Stephanie Quayle, has released her latest music video for her single, “The Lost Years.” The video for the lead track off her upcoming album, On The Edge, premiered exclusively with CMT on October 20th and was featured on their Times Square billboards in New York. The vulnerable video, directed by Rachel Deeb, evokes a woefully reminiscent feeling of a past trauma and the catharsis of embracing the pain in order to move forward.

“I have always loved making three-minute-movies. This one is the genesis to my entire story for my album On The Edge — it all begins with “The Lost Years”’ says Quayle. “I’m honored to partner with CMT on the vision for this body of work. CMT’s support of my artistry is unparalleled. I’ll never forget the first time Leslie [Fram] listened to the album after I shared the story in her kitchen. She’s not only been a steward and mentor but an extraordinary friend through the process of sharing my most vulnerable and raw works. I couldn't be more grateful, and at the same time feel so much adrenaline and excitement from yesterday. I’m simply in awe that it premiered on a billboard in the middle of Times Square!” 

WATCH:            “The Lost Years” Official Music Video 

“The live band instrumentals compliment Quayle's crystal clear vocals and emphasize her storytelling delivery. "The Lost Years" includes a riveting sound that we have never heard from the breakout star, one that the country community has been longing for. The simplicity of the clip holds significant meaning and is undeniably powerful.”

– CMT.com

The eight tracks that make up On The Edge, explore the fundamentally human experience when in your darkest moments you’re faced with a decision, when you’re forced to choose between descending into the darkness or seeking the light. This album is a redemptive tale, and a profoundly personal one.

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