Hi! How has everything been for you – I know America is beginning to open up slowly? Are you moving a bit back toward normality. 

Well to be determined, I’m on our farm in North Carolina, just north of Greensboro, it’s about seven hours from Nashville and so I’ve been there for the last about 100 days, which is crazy. I haven’t been in one place for this long in I think about twenty years (laughs), I’m always on the road. I’ve been doing a load of virtual concerts and virtual fan activities. I go to Nashville this week, I’ll go on Sunday and I’ll be there to record new music and do some different things there. It’ll be interesting to see how that feels, having to plan – like what door to go into the studio that no one else goes through. The part of music that I love the most is the community and us all being together, so the separate rooms that’s weird. The isolation booth for recording, yes but not being able to go back into the studio and listen as a group, it’ll all feel weird.

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