Singer-songwriter Stephanie Quayle has been a busy gal over the past few years! Even with the pandemic, she has found a way to make her music impactful and connect with fans virtually. COWGIRL caught up with Stephanie for an exclusive interview about her life during COVID, favorite releases, and what’s next for the Montana cowgirl.

Like many other artists, the process of recording virtually during the pandemic was new territory for Stephanie. While home on her farm in North Carolina, she started a series of virtual shows to connect with her fans during the pandemic. “I did a lot of virtual performances from my barn. We were able to share so much in real time, and that that was really special because, for me, being able to connect with people and be able to bring people together is one of my greatest joys. I’m always in a state of hopefulness and I think that’s the most important part. With every door that opens or closes, it’s all in how you react, and you are 100% in control of your reaction.”

Stephanie’s new songs were inspired by life, love, experience, and writing what she lives and living what she writes. “I think that as we continue to put out music, it’s always, ‘Do I believe in what I’m saying? Do I believe what I’m saying through my songs?'”

Out of all the songs she wrote during the pandemic, she cherishes the process of “Lone Ranger” the most. “Being a songwriter, I get to make 3-minute movies. I was in love, and I am still in love. To be that in-love, and be that authentic to the message of love while I was writing this, and be like “I love you so much that there will never be another,” that’s a powerful statement. I want everyone to find that kind of love, if that’s what they want. That’s irreplaceable. That sentiment is so strong for me.”

We are so excited for Stephanie’s future projects, especially her performance at the Wrangler 30 Under 30 Empowered Gala! Read more about it here. She will also be performing at Art of the Cowgirl later this week! Stay tuned!