Stephanie Quayle is country music personified.  She is also a cowgirl, which is central to her ethos and integral to her spirit, and it’s the foundation upon which both her songs and her attitude are built.  While her musicality, writing talent, and people-forward personality are undoubtedly innate, her resilience, independence, work ethic, love of nature, and comfort in wide open spaces are hallmarks of being a daughter of the mountain West.

“When I consider my upbringing,” the artist reflects, “I’m reminded of the sentiment, ‘find a way.’   Growing up with an entrepreneur for a father, a loyally loving stepmom, and a resilient mom married to my stepdad who was a veterinarian and farmer, we lived by those three words.  A farm never sleeps, with animals to keep and lives at stake every single day.  Living in that kind of determination doesn’t leave room for error; there’s too much at stake.  I think that is branded in my soul.  It’s unchangeable and it’s why I continue to strive to champion everyone else and compete with my yesterday’s self.” 

It also may explain how she’s been able to successfully weather unimaginable personal loss, and why she’s been able to navigate the stress of breaking down overnight a business structure that took years to build, pivot her work life on a dime, and emerge, mid-pandemic, still smiling, creating, sharing, and practically pulsating with an infectious positive energy.

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