Growing up in the expansive ranchlands of Montana, Stephanie Quayle was raised on the sounds of the Country greats pouring from the AM radio as she carried-out her daily chores.

The piano is where music first came alive and although regular lessons with her loving but firm Step-Grandma were a requirement while growing-up, it’s an experience she looks back on fondly as an important part of her musical journey. Heading into her teenage years, with the challenges of life starting to take hold, Stephanie put pen to paper, using songwriting as a way to internalize and overcome the pressures of finding her place within the unique social structure of middle school.

During high school, Stephanie’s struggles with bullying continued to intensify, and rather than wallow in her own self-pity, she decided it was up to her to choose a more positive path . Seeking a change far from the negativity of her current situation, she travelled to Switzerland on a student exchange.

While on a search for inner-peace, Stephanie found something that changed her life forever, the power of not only music but live performance. After connecting with a local group of musicians and joining as the bands singer, Stephanie stepped on the stage for the first time, a moment that triggered an overwhelming sense of freedom, the very feeling she had travelled to Europe searching for.

Returning home with a new found sense of purpose, Stephanie packed her bags and headed for the bright lights of Los Angeles. Unsure of her exact path, she was focused on one thing, creating music that stayed true to her downhome Montana roots, far from the expectations of others and who she was told she needed to be.

After ten years of chasing a career as an independent artist in California, Stephanie packed her bags once again and headed for Music City, settling in Nashville in 2011. Continuing to develop as a songwriter, she quickly discovered something she had been missing, the power music can have when stripped down to it’s rawest form.

Forming her own record label in 2013, Stephanie continues to forge a path focused on staying true to herself and creating honest music that resonated with listeners in a powerful and positive way.