Stephanie Quayle released her latest, self titled album on April 22nd. The album, much like all of Stephanie’s music is an absolute joy to listen to. Each track has been carefully written or picked out in the case of outside songs but each song has such a special meaning to Stephanie and it shows in the way she sings the songs with powerful emotion and passion.

We adore Stephanie here at BOON. A wonderful lady in person, Stephanie’s personality truly translates in her music and even more so in her live shows. Just ask her Flock of Quayle, you cannot get a more supportive and loving fanbase than them.

I love catching up with Stephanie. If you are part of her flock then you know that she is such a down to earth and kind person so chatting with her is always so much fun and it is just like chatting to an old friend.

After Stephanie asks how I have been and how the family have been and saying it has been a long time I then ask how she is, how her day is because when we spoke to her, it was album release day.

It has been the wildest album release day of my life – Stephanie laughs